Well, I haven’t been keeping up with this web-site as much as I thought I would. But lately it has been on my mind since I’ve found some other opportunities to share for those looking for work from home.

I will be looking at updating this look of this web-site blog shortly. Web and graphic design work has been my “main” business that I do “from home” and I love it. It has its ups and downs and that is why I search for other “work from home” opportunities for myself and for others as well.

Many require a lot of time, money and work and you really do need to be cautious. I’m hoping to really help others by posting “TRUE” work at home opportunities.

Yes, you will need to work hard – no doubt – in almost anything you do from home, especially if you want to make a decent income.

But… it shouldn’t cost you a ton of money and it really need to be something you truly enjoy.

Like I said, I am updating this web-site and I will be back soon. I have a lot more to say and share. :)

Best Regards, Jen
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tifbday51Sometimes when I question how Twitter can help me, I find something from a link that is useful and TODAY, this is what I found and pretty pleased with this idea. If you have a blog you’d like promote, it certainly is a GREAT way to get it going! Happy blogging and searching today and every Tuesday! Soooo… MY FAVORITE ( I have soo many! ) PHOTOGRAPH (digi-scrap) is one I created of my daughter 2 years ago when she turned 5 years old!

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eigenheimzulageIt’s no secret, the economy is still in a “crisis” – companies are not doing well and there are many individuals without a job.   And it is also no surprise that when you lose your job, you’re hesitant to even go back to work for someone else! And that is how many start to “work from home” or find “free-lance work.”

How do you know it is the right time?  Only you can answer that, but if you aren’t having much luck finding work or not sure of the stability of your current job, it could be a good time to consider looking OR starting something that can better suit your lifestyle. 

Do you what you love!  That way it doesn’t seem like just a “job”. Think seriously about this one!  You want to try and chose something you think you’ll enjoy or always have enjoyed doing for a long time! Do you love working with numbers, cars, children, writing, design, building, etc…??

Examples: If you are a great accountant, then maybe you should start your own side business part-time until it develops, do it out of your own home or meet people at their home and business.  Print out business cards, post a classified ad in your area, etc. and pursue it.   OR maybe there is a company out there looking to hire someone to do some bookkeeping, they may be a small business out of their home and looking to hire someone to handle the books for them. 

Start your own blog or web-site!!  If you are a woodworker, mechanic, etc. start advertising your skill and help others by posting articles, affiliate links(that can earn you cash) to products you have used or highly recommend.  It will take time to develop, but it is a great start, the more informative your blog or site is, the more it will produce subscribers… and then.. sales!

We will be starting to post more daily and job listings soon as well – we are in the re-development stage of this blog style web-site as well… 

Remain patient in your job search (and with this web-site!) and take some time for yourself, relax, clear your mind and focus on your joys and how you can profit doing what you love. 

Best Regards, 

This is a list of resources of companies that have hired individuals to work from home.  If you find any that you feel should not be included, please let me know!

I feel this is a pretty good list and worth checking into some of these web-sites listed below. I will continue to ADD to this page and keep it real! 

Virtual Customer Service Jobs – Web-Site Links












Transcription Web-Site Links:






IT Professionals Web-Site Links:





Big change!

Our “new” blog style web-site!  I am thrilled with the look and have a ton of converting to do on some links and other items, but for the most part I am starting from scratch.  

This will keep it more consistent and I am more than happy on how it is all going to look and looks now!

Be sure to subscribe to the RSS Feed and check back often.  We will be adding something often and have MANY ideas and suggestions BREWING!!!  It could be… new jobs, ideas, fun links, contests & more! You WON’T want to miss a day… stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting and leave me post-it note (comment) ;)  Jen